Sunday, March 1, 2009

It'S Nowin!!!!!!

Nothing like a good March snow in Georgia.  Will was so excited to finally see the real thing.  "It's Nowing!!!  It'sNowing!!!!" rang through the house at about 1pm.  When we finally got everyone dressed and outside to check the white stuff out, Will could hardly contain himself.  When he felt that it was wet, he then was convinced that it was Nowin and raining too!!!  Emma says "Why am I cold and wet? Princesses don't do snow!!!"  With Emma's demand, Estrogen returned inside to the best place in the house, and the boys went on a little adventure.  What a great treat...a little of the white stuff and an awesome snow day!!!!

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Saturday, February 28, 2009

There she is.... I have to send apologies to all of my devoted followers near and abroad...(yes, mom...I know....the blog hasn't been updated in a while.... :) ), but we have been just a wee bit busy around the Pit Stop the past six weeks. School is weighing me down this semester with five classes, three days a week....I feel like I have no escape from it. So, instead of writing about my beautiful children, I am force to compose works of brilliance about Marxist theory and marriage. Ponder that one for awhile....hmmm..hmmmm

But school is not all that has been happening around here.

There she is.....

The coolest one year old in town, and the newly crowned.....

Baby Miss Sweetheart of Georgia...and the crowns don't stop there....

Add Baby Miss Cherry Blossom to her list of titles.... :)

We have been busy celebrating with a princess party complete with her very own castle....

Provided by Mammaw of course!!!  After the party was complete, Emma said it was time to win some crowns!!!  We have spent the past two weeks glitzing it up at a couple of local pageants.  Emma  worked the stage in her new pink dress, and we have really had a good time dolling her up.  She is so incredibly girly...I have no idea where she gets it????  I never thought I would see the day a one year old would sit still to have her hair curled.  Her entourage (me, mammaw, and mimi) have been incredibly entertained by her these past few weekends, and we made some great memories with all the estrogen (as Scott likes to call it) together.  It will make for a great story to tell her when she's older!!!

So since I am so behind with posting....once again I put together a little video of the latest pictures....enjoy!!!


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Sunday, January 11, 2009

No Cheese!!!!

Will and I were enjoying a good book this afternoon, and Will quickly let Daddy know the moment was private....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's Snot Funny and a late Merry Christmas!!!

Yet again, I am behind on my posts....but we had an attack of the vicious snot.  First me, then Will, and Emma with Daddy being the only one spared (hmmm.....makes me wonder does the man have an immune system of steel or what???)  Needless to say, we have had some very long nights around the Pitstop.  Sniffle, get the picture.  Last night as Scott and I were running man on man defense, I began to wonder how in the world could anyone mange with more than two.  The game plan then turns to a zone defense, and well, I just don't see that ending well.  Nights like that remind me why we decided to stop at two.... 

Snot aside, we had a wonderful holiday filled with so many memories that I haven't gotten to share.  Todd, Shinin, and Gideon joined us at the beginning of December.  It was really wonderful to have them here and to finally get to meet Gideon.  He is really awesome, and the kids had a great time together.  Those moments are truly so special.  The three of them will never be that small again, and it was so nice to see them together.  It was a wonderful reminder of what the season is all about...not presents, decorations, or the finest feast, but rather the special moments that make a lifetime of memories.  Of course, Sara had to visit to help capture those moments and as always, she did an amazing job.  

Along with Todd and Shinin, Uncle Bill, Aunt Susan, Katy, and Emmie with Grandpa and Grandma in tow made the trip down to spend Christmas with us.  It was great to finally meet Bill, Susan, Katy, and Emmie, and  for them to meet the little stars of the Pitstop.  We ate, opened presents, and changed a lot of diapers, but I have to say that I have never seen Mimi and Poppas' house filled with more love and happiness.

Santa's visit was also much expected; so, the Pitstop was lively on Christmas Eve.  I was so suprised at how much Will understood this year.  All the way home from Mimi's house, he pointed to the sky and said "Santa in the sky!"  We tucked Will and Emma in and thanks to some helpful elves, Santa made his delivery.  A kitchen, dollies and more dollies, "aninimaallss", and last but not least "ipke!".  He really likes him, but doesn't completely understand that he is not alive.  Since he is remote controlled, Scott and I control him for Will so that the two of them can play.  When Will wants to play with him, he goes up to Spike and yells "ike!!! wake up!! wake up!!".  It is really cute, and I think eventually he will learn to control Spike himself, and then the toy becomes completely new again....and that is what moms like...the gift that keeps on giving!!!! 

Emma waited until she had a very attentive audience at Mammaw and Pappaw's house on Christmas night to give us our present.  We had just shared a wonderful meal and opened presents with everyone.  The kids were playing in the living room and we were all just sitting around talking.  She stood up in the middle of the floor and waited until she knew everyone was looking.  "Momma, look at Emma," I said as Aunt Terra ran for the camera.  And she did it...she took three full steps and of course, we all cheered as though she had found the answer to world peace.  Now, a week and a half later, she is walking all over the place.  She still gets a little frustrated and crawls some, mainly to keep up with Will, but is starting to walk more than she is crawling.  

I have to say that it was a whirlwind, but truly magical.  I know that I was given the most incredible gift in these two children, and the magic of Christmas reminded me of this blessing.  I am truly grateful to my amazing husband for not only loving me, but for giving me these amazing gifts and then working so hard so that I can enjoy them each and everyday.  This season reminded me of how amazing my life truly is and makes me excited for what is ahead.  2009 here we come!!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's Great to be Two and more!!!

I am a bit behind in blogging, but the past six weeks have been so busy that I haven't even had a second to catch up everyone on the activities around the Pitstop.  I survived finals...forty pages of papers and two written finals....I wasn't sure that it was possible.  With a little assistance from Mimi and Mammaw, I got it done, and the kids survived too!  

In the meantime, our little man turned the big two!!!  It is so hard to believe that he is so big.  It seems like just yesterday when Scott and I were putting him on top of the dryer hoping that it would soothe him to sleep.  Now, we face the challenges of potty training and getting him to stay in his 'big boy' bed.  Time really does fly.  He is turning into the most amazing little boy, and his vocabulary grows everyday.  The words that come out of his mouth amaze me daily.  He is a little sponge that picks up everything.  "One, twooooo, hree, ourrrr, ive", he says, and my mouth falls to the floor.  His hugs are amazing, and he is truly the most loving child.  He is the sunshine in my life, and I am so grateful to be his mommy. 

We have been celebrating all month long with a big birthday bash at gymboree.  I highly recommend them for parties.  It was wonderful, and kids had the best time.  Mammaw did a beautiful job on the cakes.  'George' and 'Jeremy' replicas set the mood for all of our monkeying around.  We were no short on presents, and Will has been assisting Daddy with his new tools and workbench, which has inspired a few home improvement projects.  We had a great time, and everyone left with smiles.

We have also taken a few field trips to Daddy's office and to the aquarium.  "ishhhh!!!", he says over and over again!!!  He loved it.  Emma of course got in on all the birthday fun.  Equally growing and changing, "hey there" and "What's that" are her two favorite sentences.  She has taken a few steps and is well on her way to walking.  Growing is the theme of the Pitstop lately and with that we must say that "It's great to be two!!!"

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Quotes from Halloween 2008

Excuse my journalistic instincts, but I think that these quotes capture Halloween '08....

1. "Momma, are we pickin corn?" Nikki Harris after entering the corn maze

2. "It's stuck!!" Will Pitman

2. "What's that smell?" Nikki and Victoria Harris

3. "That is the cutest thing" Aunt Leah

4. "Sir, can you pick up George so I can take your picture?" Random man in the neighborhood

5. "Walk!!!" Will Pitman

6. "Tweeattt!!!" Will Pitman

7. "At...!!" Will Pitman

As you can imagine, we had a wonderful Halloween full of fun costumes, pumpkins, corn mazes, and more treats than one boy could ever eat. I Want Candy!!! Pitman Halloween 2008

Finest in the Land...Again???

I know that I am falling behind on today while the kids play with Mimi, and I will try to catch everyone up!!! I decided earlier this summer that it had been sufficiently enough time since graduation that I could return to Alumni band without being completely lame. Out with the spandex and sequins (no one needs to see that post-two babies) and in with the a classic red Georgia t-shirt. Emma approved of my outfit, and thanks to Aunt Terra, the kids had a great day playing with Parker and Nikki. Scott and I enjoyed a trip down memory lane, and Scott got some good laughs at me trying to be 'the finest in the land' just one more, it had been awhile, but it is just like riding a bike, comes right back!!! It was awesome to catch up with some old friends and to remember how much I loved being a Redcoat (I know, completely lame....) Last semester I wrote a nice nostalgia piece on my Redcoat experience and after my first homecoming I think it is the perfect time to share....enjoy!!!

Game Day

The sun rises over the horizon as I turn onto Board Street from my small but quaint apartment. Only one reason could wake me at the early hour of six AM on a Saturday. The streets are quiet with anticipation, and the crisp air that blows through my cracked car window seems to smell of the excitement. My red flag flaps in the breeze as its pole stretches the entire length of my small sports car. My sequined uniform hangs in the backseat window almost announcing the purpose of my trip. The town is painted red and black.

I arrive at my destination to find that 400 of my closest friends are also awake this early hour. The silver tassels that hang from their red coats glisten in the sun as they dot the curbs around the Coliseum. They await the start of this weekly fall ritual. I grab my provided cold cheese biscuit and make my way to my sisterhood of flag girls who are gathering in our usual location in front of the Coliseum. We greet each other sleepily and share war stories from the Tivoli party the pervious night. Red flags spin around us as we aimlessly amuse ourselves before the all important Saturday morning rehearsal begins.

The town is beginning to wake as one loud fan screams from a convertible, “We love the Redcoats!” It is apparent that his party either began very early or last night’s party never ended; nevertheless, these fans always provide a good laugh to start the day. The clock strikes seven thirty, and as always, we migrate to Woodruff Field. The Redcoats share this Astroturf practice field with the football team. We must wait for their practices to end before we can take the field.

The band circles around the fifty yard line. The sheer size of the group fills the entire field, and I always feel small when I see the enormity of it all. The drum major raises his arms, and the horns strike the first note. It serves as a wake up call for the tailgaters who make it an all night affair in the Coliseum parking lot. The hill in front of the practice field begins to fill with fans, family, and past Redcoats coming to reminisce. Depending on the game, the hill could be completely full of onlookers. Because of the this spontaneous audience, Saturday morning rehearsals had become a bit of a performance and are the best way to start Game Day.

I love the performance. The sound of the snare drum makes me excited to take the field. The marching band is a passion that developed early for me. As a young girl, I loved watching my two older brothers march in our high school band. I followed suit, but because I lack any musical talent, the flag team was the next alternative for me. I spent all four fall semesters of my high school years spinning flag. After seeing one Redcoat performance, I knew I had to be a part of the incredible organization. Saturday morning rehearsal feels like a reward for the hard work it took to get there.

The hour and half flies by and soon we are gathering around the center of the field to receive instructions for the remainder of the day. They are predictable. We will meet at the Tate center at 12:15 for the Dawg Walk. Everyone in full uniform and be ready to go. The 400 person huddle ends with a loud “Go Dawgs!”, and we all break for an hour and a half of coveted tailgate time. I load up my small car with as many Redcoats that will fit. Until this ritual voyage, I did not realize that a 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse could hold seven people with baggage and flags. Feet and Georgia “G” flags hang from the windows.

My parents never miss a game, and I never miss their tailgating feast. News about the party and the incredible free food travels through the Redcoats fast, and my parents’ party often attracts at least twenty hungry members. This Saturday the red tailgate tent protects a feast of grilled ribs, shrimp, and chicken along with all the homemade fixings. My mother had been on campus cooking for at least two hours and spent at least three preparing at home. There is nothing like a home cooked meal that travels to you.

The hour and a half of cherished minutes fly, and it quickly becomes time to travel to the Tate Center for our 12:15 deadline. This walk is never predictable. Red-sequined halter tops and black stretch pants with a Georgia “G” flags in hand promise amusement. We approach Lumpkin Street, which hosts some of the liveliest tailgating parties on campus. The livelier tailgate party makes a passing group of flag girls more entertaining. We run through a drunken spirit tunnel. We are offered food or adult beverages for spontaneous performances, and we hear over and over “We have the hottest flag girls!”. The walk down Lumpkin never disappoints.

As we all begin to gather around the Tater Center, the parking lot becomes a sea of Redcoats. Everyone is scattered about making final preparations for the upcoming performances. We make our way to the curb to add the final touch to our uniforms. We never enter the stadium without Georgia red lipstick. It had been a requirement for as long as I had been alive I am for sure, and although I hate red lipstick, I do not mind wearing it on Game Day. Horn players migrate over to our corner hoping to steal a red lipstick stain on the cheek. They wear them as some sort of symbol of pride. I look for my lucky recipient. I have a soft spot for one particular tuba player.

The whistle blows, and within seconds, the excited chaos becomes dignified flanks. Four loud taps. “Hey what’s that coming down the track? A music machine that is Red and Black.” We chant with pride as we take our place to usher the Dawgs into their house. The Dawg Walk is a new tradition that often times puzzles me. Our flanks break into two lines that create a tunnel for the team to walk through. We essentially serve as a security measure for this new tradition protecting the team from the outside fans behind us. I am not sure how thirty five girls with pom poms are suppose to provide protection for the two hundred pound football players walking into the stadium. I think we rather provide distraction for the excited fans behind us. Let’s just say that my “three feet of personal space” rule has been violated numerous times during this new tradition.

The Dawgs safely enter the stadium, and most of the fans remain outside to hear the Redcoat pep rally. A few more rounds of “Glory” followed by “Hail to Georgia” and the crowd is ready to cheer the team to victory. These pep rallies remind me how much tradition surrounds this University and this organization. The Redcoats have been playing these anthems for many years and will continue to play them for many years after I leave. I realize that through song the Redcoats add to this University’s rich tradition.

We make our way into the stadium, and we soon find ourselves between the hedges in preparation for the pre-game show. The stadium is beginning to fill, and from the field, I am able to understand the meaning of 96,000 people. I can establish faces for the first few rows, but it soon becomes just a sea of red and black. The excitement of the event pulses through my blood, and I find myself standing in awe of the experience. We take the sideline in preparation for our entrance.

The whistle blows and we scatter to the field. My hands and feet assume auto drive as I had done this routine at least two hundred times. My thoughts focus on the experience. I stand on the lush field and look into the sea of red and black. It is amazing that something so simple can bring so many different people together. I know each person in the stadium has his or her own story, but today, they are here for one sole reason: to cheer on the Dawgs. For four quarters on a Saturday afternoon, nothing else seems to matter but this simple game. It is truly amazing.

The trumpet sounds from atop the Tate Center Bridge. The band halts in straight flanks across the field. Redcoats past and present will always stop to give the hymn the respect that it deserves. Only the highest director conducts this song and it serves as a symbol of our incredible organization. I remember the first time I heard the Redcoats play the Battle Hymn. I knew I was part of something larger than me. I was standing where many had stood before and many would stand after with the same feelings of pride and appreciation.

The rich tone of the brass line feels me with pride as the hymn crescendos with a resonating “Go Dawgs!”. The band breaks with one simple chant “Once a Dawg, Always a Dawg. How sweet it is!”